FELDA Is Positioned for Greatness Under the 12th Malaysia Plan, According to Its Chairman

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The 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP) has the potential to bring honour to the Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA) and to provide new benefits and a ray of hope for settlers, according to FELDA Chairman Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh.

He stated that the government prioritised FELDA’s rehabilitation plan in the 12MP in order to enable the agency reclaim its former role as the engine of national settlement development.

“The administration recognises FELDA’s potential. The proactive actions that the government will take for FELDA demonstrate the government’s unwavering commitment to restoring the agency to its former glory,” he said in a statement released by the agency on Tuesday.

According to Idris, the government’s efforts through FELDA’s financial restructuring, which include the provision of RM9.9 billion in sukuk and RM8.3 billion in debt relief for 112,638 settlers, are consistent with the government’s high-impact initiatives and its desire to empower agencies and improve the socioeconomic status of FELDA settlers.

He added that the government’s support for FELDA’s efforts to become a national leader in food security and smart agriculture provided a morale boost for the agency to continue leading in the diversification of livestock and high-value crops to ensure the resilience and higher living standards of FELDA settlers.

“Optimal land usage through a variety of smart and group farming activities will create chances for the next generation, particularly in terms of improving economies of scale through the application of modern technologies to boost agricultural output quality,” Idris explained.

According to Sulong Jamil Mohamed Shariff, the National FELDA Settlers chief, the government’s concern about housing for the next generation of settlers has had a positive effect on the new generation of settlers, particularly on those who are in the city returning to their hometowns and boosting the settlements’ economies.

“The 12MP is also viewed as an inclusive objective, as it entails the government’s attempts to strengthen border control and security enforcement, particularly at FELDA Sahabat in Sabah.

“Indirectly, this development will promote economic prosperity and global peace,” he explained.

Sulong also stated that the enhancement of road infrastructure facilities, which includes an allocation of RM135.3 million for the upgrade of facilities and assets for emergency services, as well as the implementation of an electricity bill rebate programme, would contribute to lowering the high cost of living and improving the socioeconomic structure of FELDA settlers.

“In light of the foregoing, FELDA and all of its settlers are dedicated to being resilient and competitive in accordance with globalisation trends.

“FELDA’s management embraces these chances and will adopt sound governance and management to re-establish the trust of settlers and the next generation, thereby deepening the link of togetherness,” the statement stated.

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