Robert Kiyosaki, Who Owns Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin, Warns of a ‘massive’ October Market Meltdown

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According to Robert Kiyosaki, the best-selling author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad,’ a big market meltdown is due in October.

Kiyosaki’s warning about a possible stock market catastrophe in the United States is accompanied by some investment advice: hang onto your gold, silver, and bitcoin positions and use cash to bargain hunt.

“October will see a massive stock market crash. Why? Treasury and Federal Reserve are both short of T-bills. Gold, silver, and Bitcoin may all drop as well “Kiyosaki sent a tweet Sunday. “Cash is ideal for snatching up bargains during a crash. Not selling gold, silver, or Bitcoin, but maintaining a sizable cash reserve in the aftermath of the stock market disaster. Stocks are perilous. Careful.”

Kiyosaki also discussed the coming debt issue in the United States and the prospects of a government shutdown if the debt ceiling is not lifted this week.

“The US government is bankrupt. A shutdown is imminent. Democrats place the blame for the crisis squarely on the shoulders of Republicans. Evergrande, China’s largest property developer, is bankrupt, with 800 projects in 200 locations. Have you gotten the message? Purchase gold, silver, Bitcoin, and ethereum now to avoid the greatest meltdown in history. Take precautions, “In another tweet, he stated.

“Biden is wreaking havoc on America. Southern border is now open, and Covid is flowing in. Americans who have deserted, weapons in Afghanistan. America’s oil industry should be shut down to appease Greens. Liberals are annihilating working people who are incapable of inflation. Toxic fascist leadership that is incompetent. Regrettable, “Kiyosaki continued.

It’s a case of the “house of cards collapsing,” as the best-selling book put it, with the real estate market collapsing alongside the stock market. He also predicts a spillover of China’s Evergrande tragedy to the United States.

“Will the real estate crash expand to the United States? Yes. Excellent stock and real estate investment opportunities are on the horizon for astute investors. Investors who are rash, “‘He stated. “I hope I am mistaken, but I believe the revolution has begun. The divide between affluent and poor is far too big. Biden, liberals, and generals are all inept. The Fed is producing trillions of dollars of fictitious currency. Gold, silver, Bitcoin, and bullets are the revolution’s best assets. Keep an eye out. Take precautions.”

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